1. Your local church
      • Serve in your local church
    2. Internationals
      • Get exposed to people from other countries here in the United States.  Find internationals in your school, workplace, or community, and become their friend.
    3. Share your faith now
      • If you aren’t sharing your faith here, it will be much harder “over there.”
    4. Pray for the world
    5. Take a short-term trip
    6. Pray for and financially support missionaries
    7. Talk to missionaries who are on the field and learn from their experiences
    8. Mobilize others to get involved in what God is doing (or to join your team!)
    9. Research the Biblical Basis of missions
    10. Develop a missiological understanding, ministry skills, and theological foundation
    11. Take some courses that will help you learn more about missions and the world
    12. People Groups
    13. Get involved in a community, and travel this journey to the nations together
    14. Attend conferences and gatherings focused on missions

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