The data on the map isn’t accurate…but it doesn’t need to be.

The important thing isn’t whether there’s 162 or 116 Cambodians in a zip code, the important thing is that they’re there and that we develop plans to reach them.  To improve the accuracy we are working on updating the 2000 Census Data with the 2009 American Community Survey data.

Most counts will be seemingly undercounted for a couple reasons:

  • it’s 2000 data and most immigrant populations have grown since then
  • if people are 2nd generation immigrants, they likely said they from the United States

Side note: A primary religion was assigned to each country based on highest number of adherents.  For example, all Indians are classified as Hindu, even though the country is 15% Muslim.

Future layer:

A Mobilization tab with :

Future improvements:

  1. Summarize data by metro area as well as by zip code
  2. Update data to 2009 counts
  3. Add search functionality
  4. Add a map of the 10/40 window where individual countries or religious blocs could be turned on and off graphically
  5. Add a side bar that lists all populations of 50 or more in a certain zip code or city when zoomed in on or searched
  6. Add summary table of largest metro area populations for each religious bloc
  7. Make it open source for people to add or update data
  8. Add cross-cultural evangelism training to the site

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